Media Preservation

maplogo.jpgMedia Asset Preservation - MAP - Media Asset Preservation takes the risk out of storing film, video, documents, images, and book assets by digitizing them and storing them in a secure database. MAP has been a specialist in media transfer and archiving for over 27 years and can convert nearly any video format, file format, both motion picture and stills, and any audio format used over the last 100 years. Our process converts old media assets into digital formats, helping our clients more easily store, manage, and utilize their assets.

At Media Asset Preservation, we scan, transfer, digitize, and meta tag personal and corporate assets and then upload them to our custom designed searchable database. We provide an all-inclusive digital archiving service for all forms of documents, video tape, film, photographs, negatives, slides, and more.....and the final database is both portable and web accessible.

Organizations, individuals, large corporations, museums, non-profits, and companies all have rich histories spanning multiple media types and formats. Unless they are all professionally transferred and digitized, they run the risk of total loss due to improper storage and the inevitable degradation of sensitive and volatile formats, such as cellulose based film. It isn't a matter of if this loss will happen, but one of when, and we don't recommend being the individual responsible for not making the responsible decision.

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  • DVHS
  • VHS
  • SVHS
  • C-VHS
  • 1" Tape
  • 2" Tape
  • 8mm Video
  • Hi8 Video
  • miniDV
  • dvCAM
  • DVD
  • 3/4" Umantic Tape
  • D1
  • D2, Panasonic DVCPro
  • HDCam
  • 1/2" CVC Reel to Reel
  • Pal VHS
  • Secam VHS
  • HDV
  • Pioneer Laser Disc


  • 8mm Film Reels
  • Super 8mm Film Reels
  • 16mm Film Reels
  • 35mm Film Reels

Computer Media

  • Floppy 3.5"
  • Floppy 2.5"
  • 100 Meg Zip Disks


  • Cassettes
  • 1/4" Reel to Reel
  • 45 rpm records
  • 78 rpm records
  • 33 rpm records
  • Sony Mini Disc
  • CD
  • Dat
  • 2" Reel to Reel
  • 24 Track Reels
  • Micro Cassettes


  • Printed Photos
  • Photo Negatives
  • 35mm Slides
  • Transparencies (Mulitple sizes)
  • Contact Sheets

Printed Documents

  • Memos
  • Newsletters
  • Contracts
  • Printed Annuals
  • Scripts
  • Printer Inserts
  • Marketing Poster Boards
  • Newspaper Clippings